Conditions at the fourteenth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship are far from favourable, as the power-sapping sand of Lommel has been hit by a substantial amount of rain. The Honda 150 European Championship riders were well-equipped for the challenge, however, thanks to the fact that they partook in a training camp earlier this week.

Andrea Adamo clearly took advantage of the knowledge that he gained on that training day, as he romped to the fastest time in qualifying. Adamo did not translate that brilliant position on the gate into a holeshot in the first of two motos, which was run at midday, as Ruben Ferreira led the field out of the first turn.

Ferreira was soon demoted, however, as Adamo pushed past him with authority. Much like he has in motos at the previous two rounds, Adamo then attempted to establish an advantage. The Italian was successful in achieving that, thanks in part to mistakes that were made by both Ferreira and Lynn Valk, and soon led by thirteen seconds.

Whilst Adamo worked hard to maintain that lead, all eyes were on Anton Nordstrom-Graaf. The Swede, who won the overall at the previous round, crashed on lap one and charged all the way through the field in what was a phenomenal ride. With just a couple of laps remaining, he had moved into the top three and was then in a position to pounce when Adamo had to withdraw from the race.

Luis Outeiro was also involved in that chaotic fight for the win, as he occupied second for much of the race and held the lead briefly, but he ultimately came up just short. Ten seconds separated him from the eventual winner, Nordstrom-Graaf, at the conclusion of the race. Kjeld Stuurman was also eager to celebrate, as he claimed his first podium finish of the season!

Lynn Valk recovered to claim a brilliant fourth, whilst Nikolay Malinov salvaged a fifth in the treacherous conditions. Rasmus Moen, Ryan Mawhinney, Boaz Bijtjes, Ruben Ferreira and Senne Hermans eventually completed the top ten. Where did Andrea Adamo eventually end up? Fifteenth, because of the ground that he gained on the field throughout the race, so six valuable points were claimed.

The CRF150R riders will now reset and recover ahead of the second moto, which will be run at 09:45 on Sunday morning.

Anton Nordstrom Graaf

Anton Nordstrom Graaf 66

My start was very bad, after a crash, but I love it when it is muddy. That was perfect for me, so I was able to come through the field and take the win! Thanks to everyone who supports me.

Gordon Crockard

Gordon Crockard

Honda Europe Off-Road Manager

Horrendous conditions today, following a terrible downpour of rain. It was clear just how hard the conditions would be after the sighting lap. It went well in the beginning and, after a couple of laps, Andrea Adamo was ahead of Luis Outeiro. Anton Nordstrom-Graaf crashed at the beginning, but came up through the field. That was really exciting and, at that point, Outeiro was closing in on Adamo too.

Adamo then had some difficulties in the extreme conditions. It is important to preserve both your goggles and machine on a track like we had today and, unfortunately, the outcome was that Adamo did not make it across the finish line, despite the fact that he rode brilliantly. It was excellent to see Nordstrom-Graaf come through to eventually win the race, as he looked great on the bike.

I was also impressed with Lynn Valk, who came through to finish fourth. Lynn made a costly error, when she went off the side of a jump, whilst running inside of the top three early on. I think that, with drier conditions, the race tomorrow should be a lot more exciting. It should be a less of a challenge for the riders to actually reach the finish, so I’m looking forward to it.

Honda Motor Europe
GP of Belgium

Lommel, Belgium

EMX150 2017, Round 3

Saturday 5 Aug 2017, 15:21 UTC
# Rider Num Nationality Nat. Points Pts. Team Constructor Constr. Time/Gap
1 Anton Nordstrom Graaf 66 SWE 25 Unspecified Honda 27:03.242
2 Luis Outeiro 47 POR 22 Honda MotoRace Honda +10.971
3 Kjeld Stuurman 11 NDL 20 Stuurman Sport/Freegun/ACS Honda +39.547
4 Lynn Valk 84 NDL 18 MCE Honda MX Racing Honda +1:13.046
5 Nikolai Malinov 64 BUL 16 Unspecified Honda +1:49.569
6 Rasmus Moen 7 SWE 15 Team Din MC/Monster Energy/Motul Honda +2:10.305
7 Ryan Mawhinney 15 GBR 14 Milwaukee Racing Honda +2:38.299
8 Boaz Bijtjes 35 NDL 13 Unspecified Honda +3:09.608
9 Ruben Ferreira 19 POR 12 Unspecified Honda +3:25.146
10 Senne Hermans 94 BEL 11 MX Hermans Jeugdteam Honda +1 lap
11 Denzel Vervaet 45 BEL 10 Unspecified Honda +1 lap
12 Wannes Ritrovato 55 BEL 9 Unspecified Honda +1 lap
13 Marcus Youngberry 5 AUS 8 Team Australia Honda +1 lap
14 Rune Hermans 95 BEL 7 MX Hermans Jeugdteam Honda +1 lap
15 Andrea Adamo 10 ITA 6 Pardi Racing Royal Patt Honda +2 laps
16 Nyls Kessen 21 BEL 5 Zone Rouge Honda +2 laps
17 Oriol Roca Rius 72 SPA 4 Team Honda Vico Honda +2 laps
18 Melwin Bengtson 4 SWE 3 Nilssons Motor Honda +2 laps
19 Charlie McCarthy 13 IRE 2 McCarthy Ireland Racing Honda +3 laps
20 Yago Dominquez 8 SPA 1 Diametral Pro Race Honda +3 laps
21 Teo Chetcuti 17 SWI 0 Unspecified Honda +4 laps
22 Toa Kishi 48 JPN 0 Unspecified Honda +6 laps
23 Ville Nordström Graaf 68 SWE 0 Unspecified Honda +6 laps
24 Shiaru Honda 63 JPN 0 Unspecified Honda +6 laps
25 Magnus Vassgård 18 NOR 0 Star Motor MX Honda +8 laps
26 Tobias Sammut 77 GBR 0 South Coast Honda Honda +8 laps
Rider Standings
Saturday, 5 Aug 2017 - Open world standings grid
# Rider Num Nationality Nat. Points Pts. Team Constructor Constr.
1 Anton NORDSTROM GRAAF 66 SWE 112 Unspecified Honda
2 Luis OUTEIRO 47 POR 108 Honda MotoRace Honda
3 Andrea ADAMO 10 ITA 101 Pardi Racing Royal Patt Honda
4 Kjeld STUURMAN 11 NDL 82 Stuurman Sport/Freegun/ACS Honda
5 Lynn VALK 84 NDL 80 MCE Honda MX Racing Honda
6 Rasmus MOEN 7 SWE 70 Team Din MC/Monster Energy/Motul Honda
7 Nikolai MALINOV 64 BUL 60 Unspecified Honda
8 Toa KISHI 48 JPN 50 Unspecified Honda
9 Ryan MAWHINNEY 15 GBR 49 Milwaukee Racing Honda
10 Senne HERMANS 94 BEL 42 MX Hermans Jeugdteam Honda
11 Ruben FERREIRA 19 POR 40 Unspecified Honda
12 Magnus VASSGåRD 18 NOR 37 Star Motor MX Honda
13 Peter KöNIG 71 GER 30 Unspecified Honda
14 Verneri AALTONEN 9 FIN 27 Manninen Bros Honda Honda
15 Milan VAN DE BUNTE 31 NDL 27 Unspecified Honda
16 Boaz BIJTJES 35 NDL 26 Unspecified Honda
17 Marcus YOUNGBERRY 5 AUS 25 Team Australia Honda
18 Melwin BENGTSON 4 SWE 23 Nilssons Motor Honda
19 Ville NORDSTRöM GRAAF 68 SWE 21 Unspecified Honda
20 Rune HERMANS 95 BEL 20 MX Hermans Jeugdteam Honda
21 Frederico ROCHA 37 POR 14 Ondacoimbra/Elimoto Racing Team Honda
22 Denzel VERVAET 45 BEL 10 Unspecified Honda
23 Nyls KESSEN 21 BEL 10 Zone Rouge Honda
24 Yago DOMINQUEZ 8 SPA 10 Diametral Pro Race Honda
25 Wannes RITROVATO 55 BEL 9 Unspecified Honda
26 Tobias SAMMUT 77 GBR 9 South Coast Honda Honda
27 Shiaru HONDA 63 JPN 5 Unspecified Honda
28 Oriol Roca RIUS 72 SPA 5 Team Honda Vico Honda
29 Charlie MCCARTHY 13 IRE 2 McCarthy Ireland Racing Honda
30 Carles ROSELL ROMERO 50 SPA 1 Oliva MX School Honda