Racing at a home Grand Prix is something that a lot of riders dream of. Anton Nordstrom-Graaf, the current series leader in the Honda 150 European Championship, is fortunate enough to experience that at a young age, as the CRF150R riders tackled the Swedish circuit of Uddevalla earlier today.

Nordstrom-Graaf was eager to claim victory in front of his friends and family, but Andrea Adamo was desperate for redemption after suffering from poor luck at the previous fixture. Adamo made his intentions quite clear in the timed qualifying session, which took place on Saturday morning, as he romped to the fastest time and claimed pole position for the fourth time this season. A rather large gap separated Adamo from Rasmus Moen, yet another Swedish star, in second.

Although Adamo had the first pick of the gates, he failed to capture the holeshot in the opening encounter at midday. Toa Kishi burst off of the metal mesh and, consequently, led the field out of the first turn, whilst the three title contenders desperately tried to gain ground through the first couple of corners. Kishi led the field for two official laps, but was then demoted by Adamo and focussed on maintaining a competitive pace in second. The Japanese rider did that successfully and garnered a career-best result.

Nordstrom-Graaf actually started ahead of Adamo, but lost ground to him during an exciting tussle at the beginning of the twenty-minute moto. Adamo took advantage of that golden opportunity, as he managed to break free, whilst Nordstrom-Graaf struggled to move forward on the slick surface and ultimately had to settle for third. Moen chased his fellow countryman across the line in fourth. Kjeld Stuurman, who has been a picture of consistency in recent weeks, completed the top five in what was a fairly quiet ride.

What happened to Luis Outeiro, the rider who sat second in the championship standings entering Uddevalla? ‘47’ started around the top five and was making good progress. A freak issue cost him dearly, however, and left him in seventeenth at the chequered flag. Outeiro lost valuable ground in the title chase, but things could not be closer between the top two. Andrea Adamo and Anton Nordstrom-Graaf are separated by just a single point heading into the second moto at the Swedish Grand Prix.

Andrea Adamo

Andrea Adamo 10

I had a good race and a good feeling with my bike, so I am very happy with my result. The track was very difficult too! Thanks to my sponsors, team, family and all of my friends.

Pardi Racing Royal Patt
Gordon Crockard

Gordon Crockard

Honda Europe Off-Road Manager

The highlight for me was that Toa Kishi, the Japanese rider, took the holeshot and led for a couple of laps. He then went on to maintain a good race pace and finish second. Andrea Adamo was faster than everyone and deservedly won, which was great. Anton Nordstrom-Graaf, the championship leader and home favourite, was in third place, but I felt that he underperformed a little bit. I expected him to be challenging for the win here.

Another promising rider, who impressed me, was Rasmus Moen. Today he had a very good fourth place, which was great to see. I’m looking forward to the race tomorrow, but I hope the weather is kind. Apart from that I’m very impressed. Everyone kept safe, there were no big crashes and a few of the leaders were clearing the big jumps. It was good!

Honda Motor Europe
GP of Sweden

Uddevalla, Sweden

EMX150 2017, Round 4

Saturday 19 Aug 2017, 13:26 UTC
# Rider Num Nationality Nat. Points Pts. Team Constructor Constr. Time/Gap
1 Andrea Adamo 10 ITA 25 Pardi Racing Royal Patt Honda 25:39.968
2 Toa Kishi 48 JPN 22 Unspecified Honda +6.129
3 Anton Nordstrom Graaf 66 SWE 20 Unspecified Honda +9.675
4 Rasmus Moen 7 SWE 18 Team Din MC/Monster Energy/Motul Honda +22.559
5 Kjeld Stuurman 11 NDL 16 Stuurman Sport/Freegun/ACS Honda +38.941
6 Magnus Vassgård 18 NOR 15 Star Motor MX Honda +49.701
7 Lynn Valk 84 NDL 14 MCE Honda MX Racing Honda +1:18.910
8 Cas Valk 85 NDL 13 Unspecified Honda +1:21.341
9 Melwin Bengtson 4 SWE 12 Nilssons Motor Honda +1:31.706
10 Verneri Aaltonen 9 FIN 11 Manninen Bros Honda Honda +1:51.280
11 Ville Nordström Graaf 68 SWE 10 Unspecified Honda +1:51.765
12 Senne Hermans 94 BEL 9 MX Hermans Jeugdteam Honda +2:01.241
13 Boaz Bijtjes 35 NDL 8 Unspecified Honda +2:15.536
14 Tobias Sammut 77 GBR 7 South Coast Honda Honda +1 lap
15 Ruben Ferreira 19 POR 6 Unspecified Honda +1 lap
16 Rune Hermans 95 BEL 5 MX Hermans Jeugdteam Honda +1 lap
17 Luis Outeiro 47 POR 4 Honda MotoRace Honda +1 lap
18 Oriol Roca Rius 72 SPA 3 Team Honda Vico Honda +1 lap
19 Yago Dominquez 8 SPA 2 Diametral Pro Race Honda +1 lap
20 Wannes Ritrovato 55 BEL 1 Unspecified Honda +1 lap
21 Shiaru Honda 63 JPN 0 Unspecified Honda +1 lap
22 Charlie McCarthy 13 IRE 0 McCarthy Ireland Racing Honda +1 lap
23 Marcus Youngberry 5 AUS 0 Team Australia Honda +2 laps
24 Carles Rosell Romero 50 SPA 0 Oliva MX School Honda +2 laps
25 Teo Chetcuti 17 SWI 0 Unspecified Honda +2 laps
26 Pol Boet Surroca 70 SPA 0 SAIS Power Honda +3 laps
27 Nyls Kessen 21 BEL 0 Zone Rouge Honda +6 laps
NC Nikolai Malinov 64 BUL 0 Unspecified Honda +DNS
Rider Standings
Saturday, 19 Aug 2017 - Open world standings grid
# Rider Num Nationality Nat. Points Pts. Team Constructor Constr.
1 Anton NORDSTROM GRAAF 66 SWE 152 Unspecified Honda
2 Andrea ADAMO 10 ITA 151 Pardi Racing Royal Patt Honda
3 Luis OUTEIRO 47 POR 134 Honda MotoRace Honda
4 Kjeld STUURMAN 11 NDL 114 Stuurman Sport/Freegun/ACS Honda
5 Rasmus MOEN 7 SWE 106 Team Din MC/Monster Energy/Motul Honda
6 Lynn VALK 84 NDL 106 MCE Honda MX Racing Honda
7 Toa KISHI 48 JPN 85 Unspecified Honda
8 Nikolai MALINOV 64 BUL 75 Unspecified Honda
9 Ryan MAWHINNEY 15 GBR 63 Milwaukee Racing Honda
10 Magnus VASSGåRD 18 NOR 62 Star Motor MX Honda
11 Senne HERMANS 94 BEL 62 MX Hermans Jeugdteam Honda
12 Ruben FERREIRA 19 POR 46 Unspecified Honda
13 Boaz BIJTJES 35 NDL 43 Unspecified Honda
14 Melwin BENGTSON 4 SWE 43 Nilssons Motor Honda
15 Verneri AALTONEN 9 FIN 38 Manninen Bros Honda Honda
16 Ville NORDSTRöM GRAAF 68 SWE 37 Unspecified Honda
17 Peter KöNIG 71 GER 30 Unspecified Honda
18 Marcus YOUNGBERRY 5 AUS 29 Team Australia Honda
19 Milan VAN DE BUNTE 31 NDL 27 Unspecified Honda
20 Rune HERMANS 95 BEL 27 MX Hermans Jeugdteam Honda
21 Tobias SAMMUT 77 GBR 19 South Coast Honda Honda
22 Denzel VERVAET 45 BEL 17 Unspecified Honda
23 Wannes RITROVATO 55 BEL 15 Unspecified Honda
24 Frederico ROCHA 37 POR 14 Ondacoimbra/Elimoto Racing Team Honda
25 Cas VALK 85 NDL 13 Unspecified Honda
26 Yago DOMINQUEZ 8 SPA 12 Diametral Pro Race Honda
27 Nyls KESSEN 21 BEL 10 Zone Rouge Honda
28 Oriol Roca RIUS 72 SPA 9 Team Honda Vico Honda
29 Shiaru HONDA 63 JPN 5 Unspecified Honda
30 Charlie MCCARTHY 13 IRE 2 McCarthy Ireland Racing Honda
31 Carles ROSELL ROMERO 50 SPA 1 Oliva MX School Honda